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Frocks, Feathers,and Fur 

Fiona Kennedy-Altoft has recently been exploring anthropomorphic figures within her art practice. Starting with her whimsical playful dogs representing her young son to the increasingly narrative magpies seen in her more recent work. Frocks, Fur and Feathers is the combination of Kennedy-Altoft's observations of the people around her and the animals she sees in them.

The whimsical and endearing works hold a smart, gently subversive humour that destabilizes the familiar to reveal life’s essential oddity. Some very glamorous, others with attitude and some just plain beautiful. So these lovely hybrids might even be you!! Fiona Kennedy-Altoft’s humorous imaginative acrylic paintings have won several awards and will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Retrospect Galleries QLD is one of the youngest and most exciting fine art galleries in Queensland. Located in a new architecturally designed premise at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Featuring 124 square metres of exhibition space, Retrospect Gallery is located on the ground floor of The Oracle, a five star designer beachside precinct. The Gallery represents a collaboration between Retrospect founder Bree Delian and respected Queensland art consultant Lorraine Pilgrim.


Retrospect Gallery, Broadbeach, Gold Coast



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