Fiona Kennedy Altoft 

I currently live in Hong Kong, it has been  a stimulating 7yrs so far and has influenced the majority of my new works.  Before, I was living on the Gold Coast in Australia and never really did portraits.... well faces anyway.  You will see in my portfolios that I characterised people who surrounded me as an anthropomorphised animals.  The works grew over 10years in that style and when I moved here I wanted to capture people to improve my techniques and paint faces. It has been a journey to find my next subject matter.

I grew up in Roma, South West Queensland in Australia.  I have been teaching Art for over 25yrs. I have 2 beautiful children who feature occasionally in my works, they are what I know and love so that only makes sense.  Most the time I am painting what I observe around me.

Please enjoy looking through my work and feel free to contact me with any inquiries. 


Connections was my latest exhibition at  Chez Trente in Soho Hong Kong and Purple Art Bar Hong Kong.  All the portraits are of people that surrounds me, the relationships I build.  Some people make an impact on your life as you pass through it everyday.  Painting them is a form of making a new connection with them.  While studying their faces in my studio it brings back memories and moments of mindfulness to reconnect with each one of them.



Moving to Hong Kong changed me and my family.  Well, of course it did.  Surrounded by many nationalities, cultures and customs is an incredible experience.  I decided once we arrived I would leave my previous works of Australian magpies because I was no longer there.  I needed to use symbolism from my new surroundings. Portraits that were slightly enconsed, to show how our new home was changing us.  Using paint, bubble wrap and HK iconic blue and white striped construction material blocked out how this cultures was ensconsing us but not entirely.  Slowly one bit at a time.