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In Search of Reverie 

Kennedy-Altoft’s works explores the aspects of human behavior that compare to animals this is done through the use of anthropomorphized hybrids.
In her multiple roles, of artist, wife, mother, teacher, ‘domestic goddess’ and daughter, she feel that it can get all too much, And longs for time to slow down, Her paintings comment on the multifaceted world of the modern woman; how complex it is and how she deals with her‘search for joy’
“:The hybrid magpie paintings were my initial reminiscences of growing up in the small town of Roma, Qld. Despite my love of the ‘Maggie’s warbling cries, which always made me feel at home and of course Australian, they also terrified me.

With further research Kennedy-Altoft was fascinated by this protective instinct that was so innately linked to the mothering of their young. In a bizarre Freudian moment she realized that they reflected the same stage of life that she was going through. “My worst fear epitomized my greatest joy”. Subsequently, her concepts evolved to a more nurturing, domesticated hybrid.” I discovered that the iconic images of these native birds provided an amusing and satirical means by which others could sympathize with the daily grind as well as joys of motherhood, and identify with the experiences of every woman
“The ‘cuppa’ has become a ritual of reverie; my sanctuary. It is my break, at the end of my day. Sipping a hot beverage allows one to gain contemplative slowness and it has become a fundamental ritual for many women”. She explores the ideas that a cuppa is a time for conversations to emerge with the people she cares for; my husband: to catch up on the day; my workmates: to connect socially and with my friends: to actually make time to see each other. In an age when we text, tweet, email, or post status updates, she believe it has become more important to stop and reflect, relate and communicate .’For me it is over a ‘cuppa’. We need to make that effort every day “


Noosa and Bundaburg Regional Art Gallery touring Exhibition


December- January 2013 

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